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TDS: “The Done Sale”

Many Americans have at least some concern that their tap water is problematic, yet they don’t know where to begin. The TDS, or total dissolved solids, meter can be the Read More


TDS-3: Making Waves

It is hard to imagine that an instrument weighing only 2 oz could make ripples in the water industry. The pocket-sized TDS-3 meter from HM Digital, however, is doing just Read More


Water Testing 101: TDS

Of all the buzzwords swimming around the world of water quality these days, “TDS” is one of the most common. Industry professionals range from being fully versed in the subject Read More


The Soldier Salesman: Field Instrumentation

How does today’s water industry sales rep assure victory? With two very valuable weapons: information and instruments.


Executive Insight: HM Digital, Inc.

As sales increase, the number of knockoffs also rises. This has prompted Rob Samborn, Director of Sales and Marketing for HM Digital, to begin a new campaign: to unite reputable Read More


Calibrating and Caring for your pH Meter

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of your pH meter, by Rob Samborn, Director of Sales and Marketing for HM Digital.?More


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